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How QD Swivels Can Minimize Accident from Hunting Sports?

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Author : Eric
Update time : 2021-03-19 10:57:11
Quick detach gun sling swivels, are a group of products which can be fast attach or detach the gun sling to the gun. Though the appearance can be different, and mechanical design varies, their goal is to minimize the accidents can be happen when a hunting people carrying his gun on a hunting game. One of the typical products is QD super swivels from Uncle Mike's. This swivel has been active in the markets for very long time, and still being used and loved by users. 

We are manufacturer of these types of QD swivels. With production experience of more than 20 years, and under our continuous improvements, we've perfecting this swivel into it's peek quality, even going rusty issue is solved, and can be in mass production right away against purchasing needs. 

Though this swivel is widely known, we're here to list product parameters and operation details to re-knew this product and see more clearly on how it can minimize the accidents happening from a hunting game. 

From below pictures, we can see the condition of the gun sling sewed with QD swivels attached to the gun and how the swivel can achieve fast attachment or detachment.
 (pic1. QD swivel attached in lock position)         (pic2. sleeve unscrew to open position)           (pic3. a finger to push sleeve to open gate)

Hunting game can be strenuous exercise. Often you need carrying the gun running severely which can generate strong pulling strength on the gun sling and the gun connection. So the first thing is the swivel in lock position can totally withstand this pulling strength; stronger point on the latch of the swivel which lock onto the woodscrerw stud installed on the base, weeker point on the loop of the swivel which sewed onto the gun sling. Under pulling strength test of a QD swivel, always the weeker point deform/break out first. 

So the first most important parameter of a QD swivel is its loop can withstand how much pulling strength. We have three series of QD swivels with their loops can withstand pulling of 225lbs, 350lbs, and 600lbs. Product photo see below:

  (225lbs, 0.88/1/1.25/1.5in loops)              (350lbs, 1/1.25in loops)                (600lbs, 1/1.25/1.5in loops)

Secondly, we need to secure the swivel in lock position, and make sure the swivel will not in open position and detach by under no control purpose. Let's see how 225lbs and 600lbs types of swivels operate and so as to know how they can minimize this accident opening/detaching:

1>  Swivel/swivel sleeve in lock position.
         The sleeve Nut can have about 1mm distance of free rotation. With slim chance that the vibration during transportation or using when attached to a 
         firearm, the sleeve nut can go to the most right of the mentioned 1mm distance, and bite with the first central shaft threads; but it stops there, and by
         no natual force can it complete the second step on its own. (see next description)

2>  Swivel in lock position, swivel sleeve in open position.

          After the sleeve nut goes to the most right of the 1mm, and bite with the first central shaft threads, it require at least a finger to unscrew this sleeve nut,
          and goes out about 3mm central shaft threads to the most right position, for ready to direct push on the sleeve nut. (see next description)

3>  Swivel in open position for attachment or detachment; sleeve nut in open position.

          It's only when the sleeve nut on the most right position (after uncrew the distance of about 3mm of the central shaft threads), that the sleeve nut can be
          directly pushed towards the swivel body, and open the latch on the oposit side of the swivel body.

While for the 350lbs series, the swivel sleeve is fixed onto the central shaft, don't have the first 1> of 1mm sleeve free rotation distance. But operate from the second 2> on. Unscrew the sleeve to the most right position and push towards the swivel body to open the latch to unlock the swivel. 

From above listings, we can judge these types of QD gun sling swivels can help minimize accidents during a hunting event of dropping a gun to trigger a fireshot; or just the gun itself landing on the running legs to hurt people. 

Please keep in mind that safety comes the first for a hunting game. Choose the quality accessories to achieve safety and happy hunting. Like ours, per described above. 

At last, one more caution, do not use your gun slings connected to the firearm to climb a tree or anything else which leans your complete body weights on. It'll be totally a tragic if the gun sling quality not well and the QD swivel can withstand pulling strength for only about 90lbs. 

Even our top quality swivels which can withstand high pulling strength numbers, they can be deformed/ damaged during using, above mentioned action must not happening. 

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