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We may all have studied hunting safety lessons before taking a hunting sporting; but over times, we can become complacent and negligent. When this taking place, the chances of an accident can drastically increase. Safety should always come first, so please take time to review these lessons before going out for a sporting, and pass them down to your surrounding new hunting fellows you may know.

  1. Always treat every firearm as if it’s loaded. Never climb a ladder or tree with a loaded rifle.
  2. Wear bright colors. An orange vest is particularly helpful during rifle season.
  3. Always be certain to clearly identify your target and what’s behind it. Projectiles can continue in flight for a long way.
  4. Plan outings around the middle of the day. The lighting is better and fewer people are hunting then.
  5. After dark, or before daylight, use a flashlight when walking past another hunting person's area to prevent any mishaps and let them know your whereabouts. 
  6. Double and triple check your rifle to make certain it’s unloaded.
  7. Let someone know where you are going to be. We have all heard stories of accidents happening. It’s hunting people's nature to be secretive about his or her exact location, but somebody needs to know.
  8. Stick to high-use public areas or trails. Hunting people tend to avoid areas where many other people are already hiking or walking their dogs.
  9. Walk dogs on leash and consider getting a bright orange collar or vest for your dog.
  10. Many firearm accidents occur at the truck when loading and unloading firearms. Use extra caution.
  11. When deer hunting, never wear any white clothing that could be exposed like an undershirt. It could be mistaken for a deer.
  12. Know when hunting takes place. Obtain season dates from gas stations and general stores.

Having fun, enjoying the great outdoor hunting sporting, but always keep in mind that accidents can happen in a blink of an eye, even with the most experienced hunting person. SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST!

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